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About Our Advocacy Service

As an autonomous pharmaceutical association and representative voice of the pharmaceutical community, the GNCoP embarks on advocacy actions towards improving the pharmaceutical environment in order for our stakeholders to be competitive, both local and international. It engages government at the various levels as well as key stakeholders in the private sector in building consensus on issues that will drive pharmaceutical growth.

Ghana National Chamber of Pharmacy’s advocacy is premised on three pillars:






Issues considered for advocacy reflect members’ concerns as well as the general economy and are thoroughly examined through a robust approach for their merits and demerits. Based on empirical research, the Ghana National Chamber of Pharmacy connects with the key stakeholders in consultative meetings to inform policy and achieve the desired results. The role of technology, for that matter ICT, is used throughout the advocacy action.

Over the years, Ghana National Chamber of Pharmacy’s views on matters affecting the pharmaceutical sector have been consulted by governments at the various levels, investment partners (both local and international), and international organisations. These have re-enforced our position as your reliable association with a remarkable record of promoting and protecting private sector growth.