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As the representative organ of the pharmaceutical community and the voice of the organised private sector in Ghana, the Chamber maintains regular consultations with government on policies and measures. It makes representations to the Government on issues of interest to the pharmaceutical community and the economy.

What GNCoP offers:

Ghana Chamber of Pharmacy promotes production and trade and also represents the opinion of the pharmaceutical community on matters affecting the sector in Ghana. It is the central organization for collecting, distributing and disseminating information of pharmaceutical nature, especially regulations, tariffs, opportunities for trade and other matters affecting local and foreign markets.

In the pursuit of its objectives, Ghana National Chamber of Pharmacy is non-racial, non sectarian, non-political and gender friendly.

Apart from its continuous efforts at promoting the collective pharmaceutical interest of its members, Ghana National Chamber of Pharmacy provides customized services to individual members.

Letters of introduction are issued to members to facilitate visa procurement for international travels.

Numerous directories, trade journals and periodicals from virtually every country in the world are available to members in the Chamber’s Information Hub. Certificates of Origin are endorsed at a moderate cost to members. The service is also extended to non-members.

The Chamber’s Annual Report and Quarterly Newsletters are circulated in and both inside and outside Ghana.

In addition, it carries out consultancy services for members, especially on development of business plan, feasibility study, market research, social media management, digital marketing, advertisement etc. through its Education Service & Training Unit.